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Low-Tech Phone Accessory Helps You Travel Light

A low-tech phone accessory that helps you travel light.

After years of hauling a 10+ pound shoulder back ground almost everywhere I go, I’ve almost made a sport of traveling light, particularly when I plan to spend a lot of time walking around on unforgiving concrete floors.  While, we’re not an entirely cashless world, I can’t dispense with wanting to carry a little money around along with my mobile phone, driver’s license and a credit card. So I was intrigued when I heard about CardNinja, a stretchy little sleeve that attaches to your Android®, iPhone® or Blackberry® and hugs up to eight credit or ID cards and cash securely.

I like it for the gym when I don’t want to bother with storing my handbag in a locker and for visits to Costco when I don’t want leave a handbag abandoned in the shopping cart.  At checkout I can pull my phone out of my pocket and my Costco ID and debit card are right there, neatly available in the CardNinja sleeve.  (And guys, you can save some chiropractic bills and cure your "wallet sciatica," the pain caused by sitting on your wallet.)

The CardNinja is available from for $19.95. Sounds a bit pricey, but it’s simple and it works. They are offering a stainless steel bottle opener that fits inside the sleeve for another $4.99.   Your life is now complete.