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Russell Johnson

Russ Johnson's media career began at age 16 when he hosted his first solo radio program, a weekly jazz show on Minneapolis radio station. He moved on to become News Director of University of Minnesota Radio, to CBS's WCCO-TV, McClatchy Broadcasting in Sacramento, California and to KRON-TV and KABL Radio in San Francisco. He left broadcasting to teach, spending four years on the faculty of Broadcast Communications Arts at San Francisco State University.

Johnson founded Travelmedia in 1984, which has taken him to 58 countries and dozens of states and cities on film, video, photography and editorial assignments for national tourism offices, cruise lines, airlines, major credit card companies, trade organizations, universities and world bodies such as the United Nations and the Asian Development bank.

In the mid-90s, Johnson introduced pioneering web site, which has not only served as a proving ground for internet technologies, but a multi award winning magazine emphasizing travel, culture and technology. It is now home to the Connected Traveler Technology Showcase events, most recently at the New York Times and Los Angeles Times Travel Shows.

Johnson also serves as a Senior Editor, specializing in travel at tech guru site and contributes to Dell Computer's

A collection of his photography, videos and demos of his voice over work can be found at