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Revolt at the Kasbah (Video)

View From Kasbah toward Marrakech, MoroccoView from Kasbah Omar, Anrar, Morocco- Photo: Russ Johnson

Sometimes you suffer from too much of a good thing, even the finest food.

Tell your friends you're going Morocco for two weeks and they'll likely lick their lips and wish they could be with you to enjoy the tasty pastilla, keftas, couscous and  tajines. So why,  halfway through our journey,  were we willing partners to a culinary insurrection.

Go to: Revolt at the Kasbah (Video)

Morocco: Hollywood in the Sahara

Sahara Caravan, MoroccoAll Photos © 2014 Russell Johnson

Russ Johnson takes us to Morocco, which has set the scene from films ranging from Lawrence of Arabia in 1961 to last year's season of Game of Thrones. He also discovers a little bit of Bollywood. You're reading it right, India's Bollywood.

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Shooting and Sipping: Photography Lessons in California Wine Country

Napa Valley  Photo Workshop with Joe BarabanPhotography lessons from A-List Photographer Joe Baraban in California Wine Country

Taking pictures is one thing: lazily lifting your mobile phone and snapping what strikes your fancy.  MAKING PICTURES is something quite different. Ace photographer Joe Baraban should know. He has been making pictures deliberately, carefully setting up each shot, waiting for the right light and capturing masterpieces since the 1970s. Remember film?

We helped organize a week of shooting and sipping, a photography workshop for Joe in California's Napa and Sonoma Valleys and Bodega, near the coast, which Alfred Hitchcock terrorized with "The Birds." We also followed him and captured some of his tips (and antics) on video.

Watch the VideoShooting and Sipping: Photography Lessons in California Wine Country

The Big Boom Theory: Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greek Isles - Photo:
Russ Johnson

Why are dangerous things so beautiful. Frogs, for example. The most poisonous ones are the most colorful. That could go for women too, but I am not going there.

Some of the most striking scenes on earth are formed by cataclysmic events. I spent a few days climbing the hills and walking the paths of the Greek island of Santorini, formed by one of the largest volcanic eruptions since humans put chisel to rock.

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Glancing at the Stars: Jaipur, India

Jaipur ObservatoryObservatory, Jaipur, India - Photo: Russell Johnson

The maharajas of India didn't skimp on palaces or toys, especially if they were nerds.

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