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  1. Category: (Art & Photography)

    Photo © Russell Johnson I look up at this scary figure clutching a fainted woman. Why do I think of King Kong and Fay Wray? Actually, Kong protected the fainty blonde bombshell in much the same way ...
    Created on 25 February 2014
  2. Category: (Africa/Middle East)

    ... Islamic country, to depict other parts of the Middle East, especially when politics or religion are part of the plot. So here I am near Merzouga, the end of the trail, where the Sahara meets the road. ...
    Created on 29 January 2014
  3. Category: (Connected Traveler Technology Showcase)

    ... leading augmented reality platform that brings any destination to the palm of your hand:  the real world meets the virtual world.             HP is the world's largest ...
    Created on 21 February 2012
  4. Category: (US/Canada)

    A bit much, I think, meeting J. Edgar Hoover and Madeline Albright on the same day. OK, Hoover was quite dead, the late FBI boss a statue bending over assertively, as if ready to pounce, in the the ...
    Created on 11 February 2010
  5. Category: (Science & Technology)

    ... ruddy man bursting with blood pressure, said I did rivits like “a girl.” But the Maker Faire , sort of a Burning Man meets Martha Stewart affair, grabbed what was left of the little boy in my soul, the ...
    Created on 06 May 2008
  6. Category: (Pacific)

    ... could camp, and have room to spare." Mark Twain - Roughing It, 1872 There is a bit of hissing and moaning where the lava meets the ocean but no hot lava is to be seen. Some people told me that last ...
    Created on 10 August 2006